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Spoiler: It’s not because I have all my shit together

Photo by Kevin Bosc on Unsplash

True growth is a revelation. A reveal. A shedding of skin. Loving the snake within.

It’s doable. It’s beautiful. It’s accepting who I am and what my life looks like right now. In a society that demands we strive and suffer, it feels lacking, unacceptable, and unattractive. So we push ourselves towards our idea of perfection, heavily influenced by our culture, and we call it a ‘growth mindset.’

We make new year’s resolutions for success, as defined by a capitalistic society that often undermines our values. We reach, instead of respect our own inevitable potential. And then we disappoint ourselves the most. …

something like a poem, something like a request

by Jr Korpa via Unsplash

we can believe in religion
or we can believe in the power
of the people that
wrote that shit down

maybe they heard it from a god,
or the gods, or the universe,
or their parents, or their neighbors,
or their ancestors, or psychedelics

or maybe they didn’t
it doesn’t matter

what matters is, they are happy
they are happily in heaven
happily reincarnated, happily lighting candles,
happily decorating a tree
they brought inside their home,
happily praying to seashells they collected
at the beach because it was their mother’s
favorite place to go,
because the…

A poem, a confession, a reminder

Photo by Inga Gezalian on Unsplash

Forgive yourself for falling in love
with other people
they are so damn lovely
sometimes, i think they are the sun
above me
and if i could just catch the warmth of their rays
i’d be okay
even at the risk
of ignoring their cloudy ways

but if i resist their dark and chase their light
then, it’s a bit of a fight

in letting go

let’s forgive ourselves
for taking so long to know
we can turn on the switch of our own souls

and though, we have to walk the inward path alone
with all its probable pain,

We need to feel what we need to feel.

by Ian via Unsplash

We’re conditioned to feel bad about feeling bad, so we have to intentionally undo this conditioning.

I started by seeing the need for ‘negative’ emotions. They show us who or what we want more or less of, in our every day.

They showed me that I needed to leave a career path that seemed right enough to my mind, but didn’t feel right for a long time. Or to stop ignoring the part of an otherwise special relationship that felt especially painful. If we see emotions as a path to mental…

Image By Markus Spiske

For anyone who wants to skip the introduction, in this essay I’ll translate the following debates and mindsets through my lens as a relative minority:

  1. “Black Lives Matter.” vs “All lives matter.”
  2. “Fuck the police.” vs “I know good cops.”
  3. “Protest, but protest peacefully please.”
  4. “I don’t see color.” vs “That must be nice.”
  5. “I don’t feel it’s my right to speak up.”

Today, I thought about how I might describe Earth to a human that had never been here before. Would I tell them about water, and how we need to drink it, can dive into it, float on…

Five life & career lessons learned, introduced by some poems I wrote when I learned them

by Wenniel Lun via Unsplash

Better is such a problematic word isn’t it? Yet I sense, I’ve learned to be a better version of myself over the last thirty-something years — as if I have lived one lifetime and am now beginning the second.

This is part one of what I’ve learned in my first life:

Love is the hardest lesson to learn

But you are
Whoever you say you are
Whoever you want to be
Never limited
By another person’s ability
Or lack thereof
To see your infinity
Your freedom
To evolve, to solve
Your own complexities
And layer your cake
As many times as you need
With as much frosting as you please


Writer. Poet. Design Research Director. I believe in the magic of all that we don’t understand ✧ ,

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